?Revitalize is a delicious, caffeine-free way to encourage balanced nutrition and hydration, enhance metabolism and support cellular energy.* And the convenient stick pack means you can mix a fresh, no-sugar-added, 15-calorie serving anywhere, every time.
?Product Benefits
?Provides a powerful blend of 70+ Sundance Sea trace minerals, shilajit from the Himalayan mountains and 7 crucial micro and macro minerals
?Supports metabolism, enhances energy* and encourages hydration
?Promotes healthy energy levels*
?Supplies essential minerals to fill common nutritional gaps in modern diets
?Dissolves in water for better absorption
?Supports health and well-being*
?Positioning Statement
From a pristine underground salt deposit left behind by the ancient Sundance Sea, 70+ trace minerals are combined with Himalayan- sourced shilajit and a blend of 7 crucial micro and macro minerals to create Revitalize. ?This powerful daily supplement transforms ordinary water with supercharged minerals, promoting optimal health and energy levels.*
?Natural, berry-flavored Revitalize not only replenishes essential minerals, it also supplies fulvic acid from shilajit—an ancient herbal substance—to help increase bioavailability to aid mineral absorption.*
Mix one packet in 16 fl oz of water. Stir to dissolve.


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