Purple base and gold side panel

?Lady’s bag
?Materials: leather, Italian leather, genuine leather
✨Not big, but roomy, you can put an umbrella, a cosmetic bag, glasses and a wallet.
✨Genuine Italian leather. ?Exclusive product.
✨You can wear it to various events and every day.
✨An irresistible combination of colors will give you the opportunity to wear it to suit any color of clothing.
?More and more leather products (mostly bags) are made of Saffiano leather. It is a durable and practical material that is resistant to various stains and scratches and is easy to clean.
?Safyan – thin, soft leather of different colors, made by vegetable tanning.
“?Saffiano” is a textured (with a special diagonal embossing) calfskin leather, where the texture is made by the machine, resistant to various stains and scratches. ?’’Saffiano” just blew up the fashion world and deservedly received the title of the brightest event of the year.


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Purple base and gold side panel



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