Handmade Organic Soap. Cherry & Almond

Handmade Organic Soap 🧼
🍒Cherry & Almond
Distilled water,organic and natural oils and batters , Fragrance oil and LOVE ❤️
💧 cruelty free
💧Skin feels comfortably clean, not stripped
💧smoother feeling & looking skin
💧Amazing smell
🌟Includes naturally-derived ingredients from Cherry and Almond
🌟Dermatologist tested & customer approved
💧pH balanced
💧Free of SLS
💥Our Body Bar helps you cleanse clean to live clean.
💥Our Body Bar is a safe, simple soap that cleanses skin without stripping it of moisture.
💥Naturally-derived ingredients like Cherry and Almond help soothe during cleansing, leading to softer and healthier looking skin.


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Handmade Organic Soap. Cherry & Almond


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