Best-selling beauty products for just $99

?Best-selling beauty products for just $99

?Get this beauty kit filled with a sampling of fan-favorite, best-selling items—including four mega-hit lash products—for just $99. Purchase today and you’ll also receive a Rewards Link preloaded with 100 points!

?This unique Presenter Kit offers the best value on a carefully curated mix of color cosmetics and skin care products, packaged in a stunning limited edition box.

?This edition of the Presenter Kit includes two newly released products: ❗️MOODSTRUCK ❗️ADDICTION shadow palette 8 and ❗️MOODSTRUCK OPULENCE matte lipstick.

?Your purchase will activate a Rewards Link pre-loaded with 100 points.

?This unique Presenter Kit features a sampling of a different entire product line, including:

✨4 lash products, including our innovative MOODSTRUCK EPIC twisted mascara and fan-favorite MOODSTRUCK ✨EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara
✨2 eye products, including the new MOODSTRUCK ✨ADDICTION shadow palette 8
✨1 face product (e.g., blusher, primer, etc.)
✨2 lipsticks, including one MOODSTRUCK ✨OPULENCE matte lipstick
✨3 YOU·OLOGY skin care products!

Buy now and get $25 cash back of your first purchase

Best-selling beauty products for just $99


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