Wheel of life BALANCE - "Audit of life"

❇️There is such a thing – “life audit”. ❇️This is a way to sort out all your being on the shelves, to see what and how spontaneously settled in it, what is missing, and to understand how you can correct the shortage
❇️Audit becomes necessary when you seem to have everything, but there is no happiness. With him, you can immediately see what caused the imbalance.
❇️The Life Balance Wheel is the most convenient method to test your life balance!
❇️Each sector is one sphere. Which one is up to you.
❇️ Most often, you want to evaluate your career, finances, personal life, family, hobbies, communication with friends, rest and health.
❇️But you can combine several topics into one or more topics that are especially important to you.
♐️ Drawn – start painting over.
♐️To do this, rate each of the sectors on a scale of satisfaction from 1 to 10 and shade it to the resulting mark.
♐️ This will show which areas of life are filled and which are empty. Well, now you know everything.
♐️Consider in which sector it is already quite realistic to take three steps to change.
♐️At the same time, it is displayed what can be changed so that the other pulls itself up.
❇️You need to understand such areas as:
❗️physical life,
❇️It is worth starting to work on yourself, and everything around will gradually adjust too.

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