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♦️Beauty is a sense of harmony.
Harmony is the consonance of love and wisdom.
Harmony is when a pure body acquires a pure soul.
The opposition of opposite truths and create harmony.
♦️You can be in the most complete harmony only with yourself, not with a friend, not with your beloved, for the difference in individuality and mood each time produces some at least insignificant dissonance.
It is important – at all times – to be in harmony with the world and the Universe, and above all – with oneself.
The beautiful and beautiful in a person is unthinkable without an understanding of the harmonious development of the body and health.
Whoever has come to harmony has learned the revelation.
Harmony with yourself and the world around you is Living Life!
♦️We always admire the natural beauties and in communication we reach out to beautiful and charming people. However, the concept of beauty is multifaceted, and often it includes not only the external attractiveness of a person, but also internal beauty. There are many ways to preserve and improve your external qualities, but in order to achieve harmony with yourself and the outside world, you need to work a lot on your internal content.
♦️What is the inner beauty of a person?
The inner beauty of a person is a complex of spiritual qualities that encourages people to perform worthy deeds.
Inner beauty is a reflection of the beautiful
Nevertheless, in everyday life, each person also has the opportunity to show inner beauty. The one who succeeds, leaves a mark on the soul and consciousness of others.
♦️However, often the inner beauty of a person does not find a response among others and is either taken for granted or causes ridicule. This behavior of the environment leads to the fact that the desire to perform worthy deeds and demonstrate inner beauty disappears. Therefore, it is so important not to be afraid to speak kind words to people if they deserve it.
♦️ What does the concept of inner beauty include?
The qualities that form the inner beauty:
• Kindness is a familiar characteristic that many admire in childhood, but which is inexorably losing popularity with age.
• Compassion is one of the main components of the inner beauty of people. It is the ability to experience the emotions of the surrounding emotions and sincerely sympathize, seeking to support and alleviate the condition of people.
• Compliance with the laws of morality and ethics. For some, in the first place are the norms of law prescribed in the laws, for others – the commandments.
• Honesty is a highly controversial quality. On the one hand, it is undoubtedly an important characteristic of a highly moral person.
• Respectful behavior towards people. Naturally, we cannot respect all the people around us. But behaving with dignity and not stopping to the level of poorly educated or immoral individuals is an important quality for a mentally attractive person.
• Intellectual development is not the main, but still an important quality for an internally beautiful person. Often, intellectual growth provokes people to develop other qualities in themselves that are responsible for spiritual attractiveness.
♦️Is it important to be mentally beautiful?
An important role for humanity has always been played not only by the external manifestation of beauty, but also by internal beauty, which goes hand in hand with the harmonious development of the individual. It often happens that when we meet people who are unattractive in appearance, after a while we notice that they cause sympathy due to their spiritual qualities and the degree of internal development.
Improving your mental qualities and developing inner beauty is a long painstaking work!
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