⁉️What do you think is a dream and what is a goal?

🔆 You can dream all your life and not achieve what you want.
The goal is when you strive for something, move in the designated direction and ultimately you achieve what you want.
❇️ You can dream all your life, but without action, dreams do not come true.
➡️ Only through the action and some effort can you make your dreams come true!
↕️Just sitting, idle and dreaming is just silly!
By itself, nothing will come to you without your efforts, without your goals and achievements.
‼️Do you dream of losing weight, ? -Do something for this!
✅Specific diet, special preparations, all this will help you, but the most important is the effort and aspiration and the goal that you need to set yourself and go to it!
‼️ Do you dream to look beautiful and well-groomed and look younger than your age? -Do something for this! ✅Specific effort, good creams and cosmetics. Consuming collagen, visiting a beautician whenever possible will help you.
‼️Do you dream to improve and strengthen your health? Do something for this!
✅ Consumption of vitamins, minerals, healthy food , sports, dancing, music, all this will help you!
➡️And the most important thing is again aspiration and great desire and goal! And move towards your goal and of course towards your dream!
‼️Because All goals can be achieved and all dreams can be realized!
💯 You just have to want …

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