🥑🥦Vitamins Е and D

☘️The beneficial properties of vitamin E
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant;
❗️slows down the aging process of cells and improves their nutrition;
❗️stimulates immunity, participates in protection -against viral and bacterial infections;
❗️improves tissue regeneration;
❗️stimulates the formation of capillaries and improves tone, vascular permeability;
❗️improves blood circulation;
❗️protects the skin from ultraviolet rays;
❗️participates in the synthesis of hormones;
❗️reduces the formation of scars, scars on the skin;
❗️protects against bladder cancer;
❗️protects against prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s disease;
❗️reduces body fatigue;
❗️helps to lower blood sugar;
❗️helps the normal functioning of the muscles.
👍Vitamin E has a particular positive effect on pregnancy and the reproductive system.
☘️Vitamin D is a group of biologically active substances,
which are formed under the influence of ultraviolet rays in the skin and enter the human body with food.
☘️Vitamin D action:
❗️– ensures normal growth and development of bones, prevents the development of rickets and osteoporosis, by regulating mineral metabolism;
❗️– promotes muscle tone, increases immunity, which is necessary for the functioning of the thyroid gland and normal blood clotting;
❗️– helps the body to restore the protective sheaths surrounding the nerves;
❗️– participates in the regulation of blood pressure and heart rate;
– inhibits the growth of cancer cells and cells.
❗️– Vitamin D supplemental food products are dairy products, fish oil, fish liver, caviar, egg yolk. In practice, milk and dairy products do not always contain vitamin D or contain only trace (insignificant) amounts (for example, 100 g of cow’s milk contains only 0.05 mg of vitamin D), so their consumption, unfortunately, cannot protect our system’s need for this vitamin.
👍Oatmeal, potatoes, parsley, as well as some herbs – alfalfa, dandelion greens, nettle and horsetail, also contain vitamin D in n
in small quantities.

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