💡Today I stumbled upon one very interesting expression, “Cobbler with boots! ’’

Usually, when we show or provide any services, but we do not do it ourselves or we do something for others, and for ourselves we do not have time to do it, we say this expression, “I am like that Cobbler without boots‘ ’’ ”.
But when I read the new phrase, “Cobbler with boots‘ ’” I caught myself thinking that it was me!
I really am, Cobbler with Boots ‘’ 👢
🌸I tell people how to take care of themselves, how to maintain health and beauty for many years, and at the same time I do it all myself.
I bring to the world the information that I use primarily for myself.
🧴I suggest trying the product or the product that I use myself and at the same time get stunning results.
People see my huge changes taking place in my appearance.
And I do not need to prove anything to anyone, since I myself am a clear example.
💎I try to inspire people and especially women to devote more time to themselves in order to look young, well-groomed and beautiful and how to maintain their health for many years and at the same time give advice on what to drink, what Vitamins, what minerals that allow you to preserve and prolong health.
And while I do it all myself. I spend perhaps a third of my time every day to take care of myself and be healthy.
⌚️I do not regret this time as I invest in myself.
I am investing this time, which in the future brought me great results.
This invested time can be compared to a cash investment!
The more you put money into investments, the more your money will grow and you will receive a larger amount.
The same is in beauty and health!
♦The more time and money you plan, the better you will look in the future and your health will be strong for expensive years and then you will not have to spend money on medicines, expensive cosmetologists.
Do not spare your time and money you use for yourself!
For your beauty, health and self-development!
Here I am exactly that ,, Cobbler with Boots ‘’

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