To keep your hair healthy and beautiful, you need to follow these important rules ...

1️⃣ Use shampoo for your hair type🧴
2️⃣ If you often dye your hair, use a colored hair line🎨
In the process of dyeing, the scales of the hair rise, through which the color is subsequently washed out faster. The job of the shampoo and conditioner in this case is to smooth out the scales in order to preserve the color for a longer time.
3️⃣ After shampooing, apply a balm rinse🚿
Conditioning balms and conditioners care and nourish, close the hair scales, making it smooth, and facilitate the combing process.
4️⃣ Do not apply conditioner, masks and hair oils to the roots.
All these funds are an active nutrient medium. When applied to the roots, they clog pores, disrupt scalp breathing and, as a result, make hair brittle. It is recommended to apply balms, oils and masks in small amounts from the ends to the middle – if the hair is thick and porous, and only to the ends – if it is thin and brittle❌
5️⃣ Observe the temperature regime🌡
If you wash your hair with hot or very warm water, this can lead to dire consequences. This temperature regime thinns the protective lipid layer and activates the sebaceous glands in the oily scalp.
6️⃣ Wash your hair on a schedule📆
Some owners of oily hair write on forums that frequent shampooing provokes sebum production and makes hair even more oily, so you need to wash your hair 1-2 times a week.
However, it is not. The head should be washed as it gets dirty, without adhering to clear rules. The fact is that sebum, together with styling products, forms a film on the scalp. It clogs the pores, interfering with the normal circulation of oxygen and blood in the scalp, and this can contribute to thinning and hair loss.
7️⃣ Do not brush or wrap wet hair in a towel
If hair gets wet, it becomes very brittle. Careless movements of the comb can break your hair, disrupt its growth, or even pull out by the roots.❌
8️⃣ Don’t use baby shampoos👶
A new fashion trend is being actively discussed in various forums. It concerns cosmetics for children – in particular, shampoos, which are recommended for use by adults. “They make hair soft, ideal for sensitive scalp, do not cause irritation, do not contain harmful substances,” – written in one of the messages.
9️⃣ Do a head massage periodically💆‍♂️
You yourself can make your hair thick and healthy if you do a head massage at least once a day, half an hour after a shower. This process accelerates blood circulation in the scalp and enhances nourishment and hair growth.
🔟 Eat a healthy diet🥑
Of course, in order for your hair to be beautiful and healthy, you need to pay attention to your diet.

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