ThytoGolds shake

✨AxisTM PhytoGolds helps optimize digestive health, antioxidant capacity and joint health, immune health and a balanced microbiome. More than a superfood, it delivers 7 highly bioavailable and bioactive ingredients including fermented turmeric and fermented ginger with black pepper. Ginger and turmeric are even more impactful on digestive health and joint health when they’re fermented, a biological process which may enhance the bioavailability of active phytonutrients in these roots.*
✨The natural flavor profile of PhytoGolds is unique in that its blend of spices including vanilla bean and cardamom seed combine well with dairy or plant milk to create a tasty golden supplement with calming benefits at the end of a long day.*
✅Product Benefits
• Optimizes antioxidant capacity*
• Supports immune health*
• Supports a balanced microbiome*
• Optimizes joint health*
• Optimizes digestive health*
• Eases occasional digestive discomfort*
• Supports a healthy diet*
• Supports immune health*
Product Details
✨While eating a more colorful diet is good advice, how can you ensure the foods you eat or the supplements you take deliver the phytonutrient health benefits they claim?
✨By supplementing your diet with plant-based AxisTM PhytoGolds, you can optimize your overall wellness. Every ingredient is concentrated
and formulated to be highly bioavailable and bioactive. This means that all 7 ingredients found in AxisTM PhytoGolds can be absorbed and actively used by the body to support key functions critical to wellness, including digestive health, joint health, immune health and antioxidant capacity.*
✨AxisTM Phytos mix easily with water, juice, smoothies or other beverages. They are non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and keto-friendly—containing less than 0.5 g of sugar per serving.**
✨Use PhytoGolds as part of the complete AxisTM regimen together with TreBiotic to work synergistically with your gut bacteria to support your microbiome, optimize micronutrient absorption and take control of your overall wellness.*
Add 1 scoop (3.6 g) to 8 fl oz of water, juice, smoothies or milk. Mix well. Serve warm or cold.
** Fruit, fruit juice concentrate, and fruit extract ingredients add a trivial amount of sugar.

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