Relationships between men and women

❤️Relationships between men and women, family, family life and family relationships are issues that concern everyone. But this is not taught anywhere. What a man likes may not like a woman, or vice versa.
😡 Often in the family there is a misunderstanding, discord. And the psychology of relationships remains the most popular and most requested topic.
💟How to learn patience and understanding in a family? How to strengthen the relationship that has just begun and learn to understand each other?
☝️According to scientists, there are five aspects that define a wonderful union and are present in a relationship.
❤️Mutual respect. This is one of the fundamental conditions for a strong union between a man and a woman. If one partner is not ready or does not want to accept the other as he is, accept his shortcomings and features, a good family will not work.
❤️ Desire to speak frankly with a partner. According to psychologists, the ability to find common topics of conversation, to interest another in something is an important condition. But it is even more important to be able and ready to listen and hear a loved one. Pretending that you are interested in discussing a topic is one of the types of lies and will not lead to anything good.
❤️Feel and be one team. This is expressed in the distribution of responsibilities around the house, and sincere care for each other, and in the feeling of oneself as a whole. Remember the musketeers’ motto: “One for all and all for one”? Something like this is tacitly in the relationship of spouses.
❤️ Sense of humor. In a harmonious relationship, it is good not only to admire each other’s skills, but also to joke fun about shortcomings, it is easy and positive to experience troubles.
❤️ Trust. In a couple where there is no absolute trust in each other, there is no happy future. Doubt can kill even the greatest love.

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