Recreation and its importance!

💟Rest is an obligatory component of any work. It is an axiom – a person needs to rest, regardless of whether he is engaged in physical or mental work.
💟 Folk wisdom says that the one who knows how to rest well, he knows how to work well. And this statement has quite pragmatic reasons.
💟If you do not give the body a rest in time, serious health problems may begin, it will literally begin to “crumble”.
💟 From non-stop work, fatigue and nervous tension accumulate, irritability and aggression appear.
💟Periodically, you need to take a vacation. If you have a strenuous and responsible job, it is better to spend your vacation not on renovating your apartment, but to go to the sea or on city tours, or devote it to active outdoor recreation: river rafting, camping, fishing – at least a couple of times in year you need to allocate time for such events.

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