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✳️NMN and Resveratrol ❗️NMN
✳️However, a long life does not guarantee a healthy lifestyle. As we age, our body becomes weak and fragile, which makes us more susceptible to disease. Scientists are now researching molecules that have anti-aging potential to help us live longer and healthier lives. “Inside all of our cells, we produce an important molecule called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, better known as NAD +. Our cells use NAD + for a variety of purposes, some of the most important of which are producing the energy our cells need to function and activating proteins that repair damaged DNA. With age, the amount of this molecule decreases. ☝️Scientists believe that lowering NAD + levels is at the root of many of the health problems we face as we age. It is believed that if we could stop this loss, we would both live longer while staying healthier.
❇️One of the ways to maintain healthy levels of NAD + is to supplement our body with its precursor, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). All cell connections are made in a factory-like manner, with each component being the precursor to the next. Therefore, to produce more NAD +, more precursors such as NMN are needed … Studies in mice have shown that NMN protects against numerous health impairments associated with aging, such as hardening of blood vessels, oxidative stress, the ability of our cells to continue dividing, and even changes in the activity of our genes, which scientists call genes.
❇️ Maintains youthful levels of cellular coenzyme NAD +, which is required for the production of ATP or cellular fuel. Promotes Healthy Cellular Metabolism and Energy Production Helps Fight General Fatigue and Promotes Longevity Promotes cognitive function in youth in preclinical research Relieve General Fatigue with NAD + NMN provides support for: Elevated levels of NAD + Improved cognitive performance Decreased body fat
❇️Currently, no side effects of nicotinamide mononucleotide have been reported in humans. Researchers have done most of the studies on NMN in rodents that have found beneficial effects on metabolism, brain function, liver, skin, muscle, bone structure, heart health, reproductive function, immunity, and longevity. The long-term study in mice also showed no toxicity, serious side effects, or increased mortality. ‼️ ️
✳️Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant with many powerful health benefits. In fact, resveratrol is found naturally even in red wine and berries. Health experts have begun to understand just how beneficial resveratrol actually is. Research shows resveratrol can help lower blood pressure and protect brain function.
✳️ Benefits of Resveratrol: Help lower blood pressure Help protect brain function Help improve cardiovascular health Help lower cholesterol levels
❗️Scientific Benefits
✅Heart health
✅Blood circulation
✅ Blood pressure
✅Physical energy
✅Mental activity ✅Antioxidants
✳️NMN and Resveratrol

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