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❇️Your style is knowledge and understanding of yourself, as well as your taste preferences.
❇️When you know your style, it greatly facilitates the solution of shopping tasks, and helps you better navigate the huge number of products and brands presented, and of course, in your personal wardrobe.
“Fashion passes, style remains.”
❇️Because it is the style that reflects your true self.
it is important to be able to dress so that in any situation you look harmonious and feel comfortable.
❇️The question of how to find your own style is a question about how to find yourself. ❇️Because our style is an external expression of our inner self, our mood, character, taste and preferences.
❇️And also life experience, desires and goals in life.
❇️Style is always a search, always a movement.
❇️Why is it important to find your style?
❇️The influence of personal style goes far beyond creating a positive first impression; great style also means confidence in the approach to every day and the ability to justifiably feel beautiful in your clothes!

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