Personal night care of your face

🌙With the coming of night, the skin begins an active life. While we sleep, she works on herself: she renews herself, restores moisture and radiance. And we can help her with this.
Why do you need night care
Scientists have long blamed that the processes of regeneration and restoration of the lipid-water balance of the skin are especially active in the interval from 22.00 to 04.00. So for beauty and health, your skin needs full-fledged evening care and healthy sleep.
Even if you are very tired, take off your makeup. Do not forget to wash your face after make-up remover – use a gentle creamy product to remove residual dirt.
After cleansing, refresh your face with tonic. It has improved the effectiveness of follow-up care.
Night creams solve this problem. As a rule, they are denser in consistency than daytime ones. Manufacturers try to put in them the maximum of active ingredients, because it is the night time that is the hottest for the regeneration processes of the skin and the body as a whole.

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