Negative is something negative.

🙀Negative is something negative.
Negativity literally kills the brain. Why getting rid of toxic people around you is your duty to yourself.
☝️It is necessary to cultivate independent thinking and be discriminating about the environment: deliberately cut off those who bring negativity and do not serve as an example of constructive behavior.
🗣Toxic people are not only unpleasant, but really harmful.
Others’ opinions are like viruses. They infect. And no matter how powerful you are, other people influence your emotions and behavior. Such feelings and actions are actively circulating in social networks and by the nature of their actions it is very similar to the influenza epidemic, to its model of the spread of viruses.
the majority let almost everyone into their lives indiscriminately. ☝️Most are too free about who to include in their social circle, and what they get out of live communication with these people when they listen to their chatter.
✅A study published in 2010 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society claims that every positive person you let into your life increases your chances of being positive by 11%, while every negative person doubles your chances of being you will become negative.
👉Most people passively allow detractors to share their very limited beliefs and opinions. For example: “Your goals are unattainable. Only a fool would try to do that. ” Or: “Your goals are too easy. Anyone can do that. “
💥 Seems absurd, but most people make better decisions when they are not interested in the opinions of others.

☝️ Do you understand? This is the key point. You will achieve more if you listen to your own inner voice. And the point.!

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