My First lesson in Contemporary dance

🔥 I want to share incredible joy!
✨ Yesterday I tried a new style in dancing that I dreamed of for many years.
💥 At first there was no opportunity to take lessons, and then I was simply afraid that I could not and did not appreciate just myself.
✨And finally, she overcame my fear and lack of confidence and took the first dance lesson in the direction of Ballet / Contemporary.
✨This is a modern direction of ballet where the basis of ballet, but the performances go in a modern direction and the music is used very modern and lyrical in the dance production.
✨I always really liked this kind and direction in the dance, but always caused the fear that I could not cope and I won’t succeed.
✨But when I tried and felt that I could … I was overwhelmed with such joy!
✨When I do Ballroom dancing there is a completely different feeling.
✨ There I dance with a partner and always feel his support and support.
✨ I really love to do ballroom dancing. I feel like I’m growing and progressing.
✨But the modern type of ballet is something completely different, different sensations. Here you have to dance alone, but such self-expression happens.
✨During the dance, you feel your whole body, its flexibility and plasticity. There is no one to expect help and support and you can only rely on yourself. On the other hand, it is so great when you can realize yourself and show all your skills without the support of a partner.
✨I am sure that doing this new kind of dance for me will help me to achieve more success in Ballroom dancing.
✨I will improve my body coordination, master the basics of ballet, which is very important in ballroom dancing, improve my posture and memory, and you can endlessly list the positive aspects, but most importantly, I will learn to be independent and express my feelings and emotions through dance and movement!
✨Get started, try it! After all, starting something new is always very interesting. There is no need to be afraid of new beginnings.
✨If I hadn’t tried, I would never have known that it turns out I can … and my dreams could have remained only dreams!
✨And now I’m sure that I can …. Without trying, you won’t know!

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