Mineral-based eye shadow

👁Eye shadow (or eyeshadow) is a cosmetic applied primarily to the eyelids to make the wearer’s eyes stand out or look more attractive. Eye shadow can also be applied under eyes or to brow bones.
💥Primer Infused Formula provides stay-true color and a smooth application experience.
Finely-Milled, Highly-Refractive Pigments provide a creamy texture and intense color with a molten-metallic finish.
✨Precious metals symbolize both beauty and strength, and that’s the inspiration behind our never-before-seen MOODSTRUCK BELOVED pressed shadow palette, volume 3. This colorful eyeshadow palette features six primer-infused, ultra-pigmented eyeshadows with molten-metallic finishes that help reflect the same charming tenacity we know lies within you. It’s formulated with finely-milled pigments and innovative wet technology to provide a creamy, rich texture and stay-true color.
✨Easily buildable and blendable, our hope is that you will feel emboldened by the energy of these precious-metal-inspired shadows as you create looks as bold, beautiful, and powerful as you.
💟Why you’ll love it:

✅Six ultra-pigmented eyeshadows with molten-metallic finishes
✅Delivers a rich, creamy, opulent texture
✅Primer-infused for stay-true color

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