Laundry powder and Conditioner

🌺I love this laundry powder ,clothes not leave a strong smell but the clothes do feel soft and fresh .This product is great for brightening whites and completely safe for colors ! Leave clothes clean and fresh without fragrance!
Tough on stains, safe on colors
💧Gentle formula contains no harsh chemicals
💧Rinses clean like any good detergent should
👍This Laundry Powder is not only effective, it’s a conscious formula. Low-sudsing surfactants and a non-chlorinated bleaching agent make it tough on stains, safe on colors.
👉Of course, it’s also free of dyes, fragrances, and phosphates.
💧EPA/DfE recognition does not constitute endorsement of this product. The Design for the Environment logo signifies that the formula for this product.
💧Has represented it to the EPA, contains ingredients with more positive health and environmental characteristics than conventional cleaners.
💧EPA/DfE relies solely on its integrity and good faith, for information on the composition, ingredients, and attributes of this product. EPA/DfE has not independently identified, i.e., via chemical analysis, the ingredients in the product formula. EPA/DfE provides its evaluation only as to the environmental and human health characteristics of the product, based on currently available information and scientific understanding.
💧This Laundry Powder’s low-sudsing surfactants and non-chlorinated bleaching agent are tough on stains and safe on colors.
👉This is awesome product!
❤️Safe and clean !
I have very sensitive skin and this stuff didn’t give me any irritation! I supper impressed and love this product! Clothes are supper soft and smell so fresh ! I love how it takes less product to do a full load too !
💧Readily biodegradable & greywater safe
💧Tested to biodegrade in 3 weeks‡
💧4X concentrated formula reduces static & wrinkles
💧Compatible with both standard & high-efficiency (HE) machines
💧Soft jasmine fragrance keeps your clothes smelling fresh
💧Detergent for clean & soft clothing
💧for customers under normal conditions of use
💧full mineralization achieved according to OECD 310D protocol testing
💧non-toxic† Fabric Softener is formulated with a potent plant-derived ingredient that helps rid garments of static and keeps fabric silky soft. The light jasmine fragrance leaves clothes smelling fresh

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