Interval fasting

💥Interval fasting is one of the popular weight loss methods. How to fast according to the 16/8 and 20/4 scheme, what result can be achieved and when, which menu to follow.
⁉️What is Intermittent Fasting
💥Interval fasting is a diet in which periods of food intake alternate with periods of abstinence strictly at a specific time.
💥There are several schemes for such fasting. The most common are 16/8 and 20/4. With such a diet, weight decreases, metabolism improves. But it is not suitable for everyone: you need to consult a doctor.
⁉️How to starve properly?
Scheme 16/8
💥It is possible to eat food with this scheme for eight hours, and fasting lasts sixteen. This diet is gaining popularity among women seeking to lose those extra pounds. During fasting, the body actively begins to burn fat reserves, without being distracted by food processing. You can choose the interval yourself – from twelve in the afternoon to eight in the evening, or, for example, from nine in the morning to five in the evening.
💥Scheme 20/4
Fasting for twenty hours is dangerous. “I strongly do not recommend it. Even absolutely healthy people risk undermining their health. For example, they can” earn “one of the diseases 💥The best and safest option is to take a break between the last and the first meal at ten o’clock.
There can be three meals in total. Snacks are also allowed. “The diet should contain vegetables and fruits. Protein products are required. For breakfast – complex carbohydrates: porridge or muesli. You can also cottage cheese, cheese, eggs. For lunch – vegetables, cereals and something proteinaceous (meat, chicken or turkey).” In the evening, fish, vegetables, milk, and poultry are preferable. Starchy foods – cereals, bread, potatoes – are best eaten in the morning. “
The harm and benefits of diet
☝️Diet is harmful because, due to starvation, stagnation can form in the gallbladder. “And this will provoke the formation of stones, – As for the benefits, a person, starting to consciously eat, cleans the diet of harmful products. Metabolism is normalized. And this gives an effect – weight loss.”

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