💟Discipline – a behavioral model of a person aimed at following order, law or established rules.
💟Discipline is the violence required for effective governance.
The difference between discipline and motivation is not a momentary emotional component, but first of all, a character trait, a part of a person’s inner “frame”, core, core.
💟What makes you move forward, no matter what. This developed quality, starting with small steps on the path of overcoming oneself, ultimately leads the owner to the desired results.
💟 Without discipline, it is impossible to achieve meaningful results in just one emotional impulse. 💟 Any creative person with a fine mental organization, to one degree or another, has such a character trait as discipline. In the process of creativity, in order to create the desired creation, you almost always have to limit yourself in something, to give up something.
💟Aspirations of a person, his goals are what is the subject of discipline. By helping a person to become the best version of himself, freeing up temporary opportunities (through saving time for routine, and time, as you know, is called an important and irreplaceable resource), giving useful skills, allows a person to do what he sees fit.

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